King's Lynn - HARWICH Inter. Port

The distance and the time are counted from KING'S LYNN.

  • 2 godzin(y) 5 minut(y)
  • 110 British pounds

Opis usługi

I recommend departure at least about 2h 35min in advance. The road measures about 95 miles. The duration of the journey to the port is about 2h 5min. The remaining time of 1h 30min is intended for check-in and bagging.

Zasady rezygnacji

Please read the column "Cancellation" in the "Terms & Conditions" tab.

Dane kontaktowe

+ 0044 75 17 1157 17


Zadzwoń do nas pod numer 075 17 11 57 17,

zostaw wiadomość, jeśli masz pytanie,

lub po prostu zamów transport już teraz: